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As well as your local lead/organisation, also listed are your nearest members of Q’s Connectors network – volunteers who can help you with engagement challenges, inspiration and more – and your Convener, who is part of the governance structure of Q.

North East and North Cumbria AHSN

Contact: Helen Ridley

Q Convener: Karen Morrell

Q Connectors: Yitka Graham, Gillian Janes, Louise Wilson

Organisational groups:

Teeside University: Peter van der Graaf

James Cook University Hospital: Susy Cook

Yorkshire and Humber AHSN (through the Improvement Academy)

Contact: Alison Lovatt

Q Connectors: Clare Ashby, Tony Jamieson, Alison Lovatt, Liz Watson

Organisational groups:

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust: Clare Ashby

East Midlands AHSN

Contact: Cheryl Crocker

Q Connector: Diane Ketley, Mandy Rudczenko

Organisational groups:

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust: Nicholas Woodier and Charlotte Goedvolk

Eastern AHSN

Contact: Caroline Angel

Q Connector: Barbara Hercliffe

UCLPartners AHSN

Contact: Kate Hall

Q Connectors: Sophie Bulmer, Sam McIntyre

Imperial College Health Partners AHSN

Contact: Sheriece Bracey

Please e-mail if you’d like to find out more about being a Q Connector here.

South London AHSN (Health Innovation Network)

Contact: Eric Barratt

Q Connectors: Cleo Butterworth, Leigh Forsyth, Zoe Lord

Kent, Surrey and Sussex AHSN

Contact: Jacqui Parfitt

Q ConnectorsUrsula ClarkeMichele FindlaySarah Leng, Natasha Scott

Oxford AHSN

Contact: Katherine Edwards

Q Connector: Larry Gardiner

Wessex AHSN

Contact: Tracy Broom

Q Connectors: Joe Croombs, Lesley Mackenzie, Deborah Matthews, Carol Read

South West AHSN

Contact: Jennifer Ellis

Q Convener: Helen Smith

Q Connectors: Dan Beale-Cocks, Matt Bell, Andrea Gibbons, Rebecca Harriott, Mark Juniper, William Lilley, Jane Pightling

Organisational groups:

Derriford Hospital: David Viira

West of England AHSN

Contact: Louise Porter

Q Convenor: Hein leRoux

Q Connectors: Elizabeth Beech, Bridget Kelly, Andrew Seaton, Tricia Woodhead

West Midlands AHSN

Contacts: Gavin Russell and Peter Jeffries

Q Connector: Helen Billings

Organisational groups:

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust: Hesham Abdalla

Greater Manchester AHSN

Contact: Jane Macdonald

Please e-mail if you’d like to find out more about being a Q Connector here.

North West Coast AHSN (Innovation Agency)

Contact: Juliette Kumar

Q Connectors: Lisa KnightJohn Roberts

Scotland (through Healthcare Improvement Scotland)

Contact: Heather Shearer

Q Connectors: Graham Mackenzie, Jordan Napier

Northern Ireland (through HSC Safety Forum)

Contact: Levette Lamb

Q Connectors: Levette Lamb, Will Young

Wales (through Public Health Wales)

Contact: Dominique Bird

Q Connector: Grant Evans, Alex Hicks, Debra Woolley

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