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Q is currently in the process of creating a network of ‘Q Connectors’ – for members who love connecting people and ideas across boundaries (and who can help push the boundaries of what’s possible for all of us in Q).

A network of ‘Q Connectors’ – for members who love connecting people and ideas across boundaries

Q will offer ‘Connectors’ various forms of training and support – initially a ‘Network Leadership’ masterclass (and webinars) with Prof Becky Malby and others.

There also will be (voluntary) quarterly web calls with the other Connectors, and the Q Community Manager to share news, learning, best practices, challenges and feedback on how the Q community is developing. With support, and group learning, Connectors will model network-weaving behaviours and help to spread them right across the whole Q community, so that these skills spread widely across the membership

This emerging network – and the characteristics of Connectors themselves – is something that will be worked out with the Connectors.

Here’s one brief description:
Q Connectors are enthusiastic knowledge-sharers and relationship-builders who play a crucial on-the-ground role of weaving Q together as a UK-wide community. They provide suggestions and share their experiences to help develop Q’s spaces and activities – and other structures. They also can act as point of call for new members locally who need some signposting and support. Though they are not part of the formal governance structure, they will be given support to develop these skills.

One thing to be clear about, it is an informal and flexible role (not part of formal Q governance structure – with its 3-year roles – which is being created in some of the regions/nations that have already completed their recruitment phase). Connectors can join – and leave – whenever they need to.

The aim is to have at least two or three Connectors in each area of the UK.

*If you’re considering becoming a Connector – or would just like to find out more – please contact Matthew Mezey (Q Community Manager).



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