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A central aim of Q is to increase capacity and capability for improvement in the system. Early work with Q members has identified visits as a useful way for individuals to meet and learn from other people involved in improvement.

Good site visits allow people to understand and actively engage in the story behind work that others are doing – finding inspiration, translating what this means for them to allow deep and practical learning and building useful connections in the process. Q visits give members the chance to explore what others are doing within and outside of health and care sectors.

Over the next two years, Q members have the opportunity to attend visits in a variety of settings and organisations. From large-scale open days, to immersive visits, study days and skills workshops, the visits will providing inspiration and opportunities to apply learning back to their peers; strengthening networks in the process.

Through these visits, members can explore how other organisations focus on their service users to deliver excellent quality, how they work with complexity and how they build the relational skills required to improve services.


Upcoming visits

25th Jan 2018Artificial intelligence and problem solving: Q Visit to Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHSFT (CPD certified)
7th Mar 2018Agile – Q Visit to learn about agile approach to project delivery and solution design

Recent visits

12th Apr 2017Accelerating Delivery Performance (ADP): Q Site Visit to GlaxoSmithKline
7th Jun 2017Microsystems Coaching Academy (MCA): Q Visit to Sheffield
25th Jul 2017Appreciative Inquiry: Q Visit to Prostate Cancer UK (CPD certified)
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