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20 Mar 2019


Quality Improvement and Project Management go hand-in-hand. This visit, hosted by software company Mayden, introduced Q members to a new way of managing a project based upon familiar quality improvement principles – iterative learning, value to the customer, reflection and understanding complexity – in an unfamiliar setting.

Mayden develops software that supports the healthcare sector, working in collaboration with NHS mental health services to build systems that are informed by their needs.

This visit took the form of an interactive workshop, learning about Scrum as an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Delegates gained insight into Mayden’s culture, how the business is being transformed through the application of Agile principles and how these can be practically applied to QI projects.

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Aims and objectives

  • To gain a basic understanding of Agile project management
  • To learn how Mayden have applied agile in its work in mental health (IAPTUS)
  • To see first-hand how software is developed
  • To be able to apply some Agile principles to QI projects

Who was the visit for?

Anyone with an interest in either project management, technology, process improvement or mental health.