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The challenge:

What would it take for effective peer support to be available to everyone who wants it, to help manage their long-term health and wellbeing needs?


Nine to 12 months, starting in April 2017.

Who we are working with:

Since announcing that the Lab will be working on peer support, over 100 people – from across health and care – have signed up to work with the Lab throughout the 12 months.

See who we’re working with and connect with Lab participants.

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Phase 1: Research and Discovery (April – July)

Drawing on what is already known about peer support and collaborating with over 100 people to gain a deep system-wide understanding of the issue. Learn more

Phase 2: Developing and testing ideas (August – December)

Gathering new data and insight, teasing out the learning and developing ideas.
Learn more

Phase 3: Capture learning and next steps (January – March)

Share the learning of phase 2 and working on next steps.

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