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The challenge:

What would it take for effective peer support to be available to everyone who wants it to help manage their long-term health and wellbeing needs?


Nine to 12 months, starting in April 2017.

Why this challenge?

In January 2017 the Q community voted on ‘empowering people to manage their own health and care needs’ as a broad theme for the Lab to focus on. Working with a range of experts, including Q members, patients, charities, think tanks and Health Foundation colleagues, we refined the theme to identify a specific challenge to work on.

The process:

The next 12 months are split into three broad phases:

Phase 1: Research and Discovery (April – June)
Collaborating with people to gain a deep understanding of the issue

Phase 2: Idea generation, simulation and testing (July – November)
Gather new data and insight, teasing out the learning and developing ideas

Phase 3: Capture learning and next steps (December – March)
Each phase will be collaborative; building on what is already known to generate and test new ideas, and share the learning.

Our learning (resources)

At the first Lab workshop on 16 March, the Lab team collated just some of the current research, data, analysis and case studies on ’empowering people’. The links are available on our Pinterest board.

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