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The Q Improvement Lab offers a bold new approach to making progress on health and care challenges.

Working on a single challenge for 12 months, the Q Lab brings together organisations and individuals from across the UK to pool what is known about a topic, uncover new insights and develop and test ideas.

Although it would be understandable, the health and care sector is not in paralysis in response to complexity; great work is happening right across the UK led by innovators and improvers from all backgrounds. The Q Lab seeks to bring something new and complementary to this busy world of improving health and care

The Q Lab’s first project explored what it would take for peer support to be more widely available. The Lab’s second project is in partnership with Mind – the mental health charity, and starts in September 2018.

Watch this 90-second introduction to the Q Lab:

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If you’d like to find out in more detail, take a look at our essay collection, The Lab Essays, which capture the Lab team’s learning and insights from the Lab’s first 12-months:

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 Q Lab - Peer support: Discovery and design workshop

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