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The Q Improvement Lab on specific health and care challenges, the Q Lab uses creative and collaborative approaches to bring people together, understand what is known about a topic, uncover new insights and develop and test ideas.

How we work

  • Collaboratively: The Lab works across geographical, organisational and professional boundaries to bring together a diverse set of people with relevant experience and expertise.
  • Drawing on a range of approaches and tools: Using approaches from quality improvement, and disciplines such as social innovation and design, means that we use methods that are best suited to the outcome that we are trying to achieve.
  • Developing skills and connections: Through accessing new information, methods and connections, Lab participants are well equipped to not only apply learning from the Lab process, but use those skills in other complex challenges they encounter.
  • At pace: Although the challenges that the Lab focuses on are complex, we work at pace and build up momentum for change.
  • Thinking about scale from the outset: We draw on principles from the latest research about how ideas can be best shared, adapted and adopted and design those approaches into our ways of working.

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What we seek to achieve

The Lab seeks to enable change by:

  • developing a deep and rounded understanding of key challenges and opportunities in a topic area
  • generating ideas with potential to catalyse improvement
  • equipping people with enhanced understanding, skills and connections to translate ideas into action
  • sharing ideas widely, nationally and locally.

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Lab projects

Peer support available to all

Q Lab workshopFrom April 2017 to May 2018, the Q Lab worked with almost 200 Lab participants to explore what it would take for peer support to more widely available to those who needed it, to support their long-term health and wellbeing needs.

Our work together produced new insights, projects and a growing community of people interested in peer support.

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Mental health problems and persistent pain

Lab research sessions October 2018From September 2018, the Q Lab is working in partnership with Mind – the mental health charity. Our work together focuses on supporting people living with both a mental health problem and long-term physical condition, specifically looking at the experiences of people living with both mental health problems and persistent back and neck pain, and how care can be designed to best meet their health and wellbeing needs.

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Get involved

Collaboration is at the heart of the Lab. Find out how to get involved and be part of the Lab’s work.

 Q Lab - Peer support: Discovery and design workshop