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Penny Pereira

cynergy_penny_pereira_593Penny is the Deputy Director of Improvement at the Health Foundation and the Programme Director for Q. She is responsible for scoping major new programmes.

Before joining the Health Foundation, Penny worked at Newham Healthcare NHS Trust in East London, where she was the Director of Strategy and Service Improvement. Penny has spent her career leading improvement work at local and national level in the NHS, with particular expertise in process and system redesign, leading strategic change across organisations and patient safety.

You can follow Penny on Twitter: @PennyPereira1

Stacey Lally

Stacey is Head of Delivery for Q, she joined the Health Foundation in 2015 as Q’s Programme Manager. She holds a broad portfolio which includes developing and delivering best practice organisational systems and processes to enable the team to deliver the ambitions set out for Q.  Her previous roles have primarily focused on national leadership development interventions, most recently as senior programme lead for The NHS Leadership Academy working on their suite of development programmes.

She has a MSc in Healthcare Leadership

You can follow Stacey on Twitter: @stacey_lally

Matthew Mezey

matthew-mezey-003Matthew Kalman Mezey is Community Manager for Q. He edits Q-municate, supports members’ Special Interest Groups, and manages – or co-manages with members – the Randomised Coffee Trials, Twitter account, website and LinkedIn group.

His previous roles include patient engagement at the medicines regulator MHRA and online community management at civic innovation charity the RSA.
Matthew also co-founded the website ‘Enlivening Edge – news from Next Stage organisations’, about pioneering organisations such as Buurtzorg, the Dutch community nursing care organisation. He is a Fellow of the RSA.

He is the co-author of Anti-Hero – The Hidden Revolution in Leadership & Change and Beyond the Big Society – Psychological Foundations of Active Citizenship.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter: @MatthewMezey

Tracy Webb

Tracy WebbTracy is one of the Senior Improvement Fellows at the Health Foundation. She is leading the design and delivery of the Q improvement lab – an exciting, ambitious idea that emerged through the process of co-designing Q in 2015. The lab aims to provide an opportunity for members and others to come together in a systematic way to make progress on specific topics that are a priority for many in the system.

Prior to joining the Health Foundation, Tracy worked at NHS England, as Deputy Head of Patient Choice, and at Leeds Teaching hospitals as a directorate manager for women’s and outpatient services.

You can follow Tracy on Twitter: @TracyWebb007