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Recommendations from members

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Artefact’s Behaviour change strategy cards
This set of 23 cards was crafted to help designers, researchers and anyone facing a behaviour change challenge to think through strategies to nudge people toward positive behavioural outcomes.

Carnegie Foundation
More relevant as quality improvement moves beyond health and into education and community.

East London Foundation Trust Quality Improvement
Includes starting a project, which tools for which stage, quality improvement library (including videos).

Liberating Structures
This website offers an alternative way to approach and design how people work together. It provides a menu of thirty-three Liberating Structures to replace or complement conventional practices.

Steps in the Improvement Journey: phases, tools and resources
A framework to structure and plan the phases of a ‘typical’ improvement project – offering common methods, tools and resources for each phase. Produced by the West of England Academy/West of England AHSN.

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Other resources we thought you might like

Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative
A range of useful tools, resources and more.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) is an independent organisation led by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, The Royal College of Nursing and National Voices. They were established in April 2008 to promote quality in health care, and in particular to increase the impact that clinical audit has on health care quality improvement.

Improvement Academy
Toolkits, audits, culture surveys and more on the Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy site.

Innovation Learning Network
The Innovation Learning Network is an organisational-based membership network made up of health care systems, health foundations, safety net providers, design/innovation firms, and tech companies. While predominately US based organisations are members, the NHS is too.

Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services
Nurturing creative thinking and empowering employees to make incremental changes.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Learn about the IHI’s Model for Improvement, measures, tools, improvement stories and more. Members have access to online courses through the subscriptions and offers page (make sure you are logged in).

International Society for Quality in Healthcare
Global organisation ISQua spans over 100 countries. Their mission is to inspire and drive improvement in the quality and safety of health care worldwide through education and knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems and connecting people through global networks.

National Quality Improvement & Clinical Audit Network
NQICAN brings together the  regional clinical audit / effectiveness networks and other stakeholders.

NHS Improvement Directory
Dozens of annotated links, covering everything from Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership to Systems Leadership hub.

Patient Engagement resource hub
Produced by the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement the hub resources include  open source tools for patient and family engagement initiatives to improve health and healthcare.

Quality Improvement resources Google Map
Part of the 2016 Academy of Medical Royal Colleges report Quality Improvement – training for better outcomes.


Films from Q events

Community event resources
Presentations our October 2016 community event. Includes Professor Becky Malby and Chris Collison. Topics include network leadership for improvement, organisational learning in practice, and communities of practice.

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Other QI resources

The Health Foundation

Person-centred care resource centre
Supporting people to more effectively manage and make informed decisions about  their own health and care.

Patient safety resource centre
From key research to national standards, implementation guidelines and case studies.

Effective networks for improvement
This learning report presents the lessons from an evidence review and case study work undertaken by McKinsey Hospital Institute.

The habits of an improver
In this paper, Professor Bill Lucas, together with Hadjer Nacer, offer a way of viewing the field of improvement from the perspective of the men and women who deliver and co-produce care on the ground – the improvers on whom the NHS depends.

Leading networks in health care
Captures the experiences of participants in an early Health Foundation programme to support networks. The report highlights key learning and early insights, and examines how all this relates to what the research evidence tells us about running networks.

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