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Interactive infographic: frontline insights on the rapid implementation of video consultations

Explore our brand new infographic to discover what we heard is needed for teams to build on progress made in the rapid roll out of video consultations in response to COVID-19.

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The rapid implementation of video consultations has been one of the standout stories of NHS innovation during the early stages of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with promising signs for how video can be used to deliver health and care long term. But there is a lot more to do to build on where we’ve got to.

Through fortnightly learning logs and reflective webinars from March to July 2020, the Q team heard from 50 participants, all of whom were implementing video consultations in response to COVID-19. In our short interactive infographic, we share what we’ve learned.

Insights from participants highlighted four factors that enabled such rapid progress in the first few months of the pandemic and six areas for action to build on that progress. Download the summary findings to explore these ten areas in more detail.

This project is part of a series of collective insight projects, harnessing perspectives and knowledge from across sectors, systems and roles to support you to undertake improvement and change.

This infographic shares a synthesis of what we heard from participants who self-selected to take part in this insight project. Participants’ views may not represent the majority experiences or perspectives of those in their organisations and teams, and there were no patients involved. We hope that these insights will help to inform wider conversations about the implementation of video consultations. You can also see a review of the wider evidence base and some priorities for future research in this Health Foundation blog or find out more about the project methodology.

What next?

See the links below to find out more about the project methodology and what we heard from participants as the work was unfolding in the fortnightly blogs. We’ve also included a list of further reading on the topic.

As you act on the findings, Q can support you:

  • Use Q’s member directory to contact a community of almost 4000 improvers across the UK and Ireland – find members in your area, gather insight and solutions and tap into expertise that will support you to embed changes that meet your long-term priorities.
  • Connect with people who are continuing to work on video consultations by joining the dedicated Special Interest Group.
  • If you’re looking for opportunities and support to learn, build skills and collaborate, why not join Q?

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