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Moving past backlogs: how can a focus on data help to ensure equitable access to services?

Find out more about our current project and explore the emerging insights.

About the project

Through Q’s previous insight projects, we’ve explored the role improvement has played in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. While there have been some examples of great practice, we’ve also heard concerns that data is not being used to its full potential to make progress on addressing health inequalities.

Sketchnote sharing emerging insights

With more people waiting to access care than ever, timely, equitable access is a priority across the system. From what we’ve heard from the Q community and beyond, we believe that a focus on data supports us to address inequalities, reduce backlogs and improve access to care.

Running from June to October 2022, this project uses Action Learning to provide members with an opportunity to explore live challenges and issues with a group of peers in a safe space. They’re also committed to sharing their insights and learning with others. We want to create a space to help people have difficult conversations, and think differently about the challenges and what’s needed to address them in order to progress with this work.

As the project progresses, we are committed to sharing emerging insights. You can download the first instalment below and the second instalment will be published in September 2022.

Download the emerging insights