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Our compact for Q was developed during the initial co-design phase and later tested with a number of members and our partners. It can be used to help us work better together or clear the air where there are unhelpful unwritten rules of behaviour or where culture is unhelpful to success. It can bring clarity to our roles as members of a diverse community.

As a member – what you can expect from Q

You are a member of a community of people committed to improving health and care, where a wide range of knowledge and experience is welcomed and shared and where there are no limits on innovative ways of working.

Q at its heart is cross-boundary and multidisciplinary, and will involve patients and people seeking to influence or working with the health and care system at every level.

You can expect access to a network of members and a wide range of Q activities and resources through Q, online and face to face. All members have responsibility for helping the ‘common spaces’ within Q to thrive through shared feedback, ideas and learning.

As Q grows, there will be national and local activities that you can engage with, depending on your time and preferences.

The work that you do with Q can be shared through the community and beyond, acknowledging your contribution.

As a member – what Q expects of you

Engage in Q activities with integrity, prioritising what matters to patients and service users.

Be committed to, and participate in, multidisciplinary ways of working, which minimise unhelpful hierarchies between and within professions and occupations.

Be willing to share your knowledge and experience, provide constructive feedback and value the skills and contribution of others.

Respect the views of all those you work with, even when these are different from your own.

Be an active listener in conversations and meetings.

Share and spread your learning within and beyond Q.

Be open about any potential conflicts of interest, including but not limited to paid-for services that you might offer. Please avoid using the community as a vehicle for the general promotion of a service if you expect to receive payment.