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Q Exchange is Q’s £600,000 funding programme, funded by the Health Foundation and NHS Improvement. The programme offers Q members the chance to develop project ideas and submit bids for up to £30,000 of funding.

Applicants refined and developed their ideas with the help of the Q community through a collaborative online process.

This year we sought project ideas on two themes:

  • Building improvement capability across boundaries
  • Understanding alternatives to traditional outpatient appointments

The votes have been counted and verified and the winners have been announced.

£600,000 total funding available from the Health Foundation and NHSI, with up to £30,000 for each project

30 teams with collaboratively developed ideas, shortlisted for the Q community online vote

Q community members will vote online to decide which projects will receive funding

The Big Idea

Q Exchange aims to activate the knowledge of improvement experts across the UK; to create links between those leading work and those who can help champion, support, adopt these ideas; and to boost ideas that have the best potential to generate value for the health and care system.

Collective wisdom

Involve people who understand improvement to develop and select projects. Support all involved to learn from evidence, emerging ideas, and each other


Create links between those leading work and others who champion, support, help adopt it


Boost ideas judged to have the best potential to generate insight and value for patients, staff, and the health and care system

The Timeline

  1. Calendar icon: JUNE - 2019 JUNE2019

    Idea generation

    Upload your Q Exchange idea from 10 June 2019 and start to develop your idea with the support of the Q community

  2. Calendar icon: JULY - 2019 JULY2019

    Refine your idea

    Convert your idea into a proposal on the website by 12.00 on Monday 29 July 2019 for it to be considered by the shortlisting panels

  3. Calendar icon: SEPT - 2019 SEPT2019


    Shortlisting panels will assess proposals and select up to 30 projects to go forward to the vote. Shortlisted projects will be announced mid-September 2019

  4. Calendar icon: OCT - 2019 OCT2019

    Community vote

    Q members will vote online to decide which projects will receive funding. Winners will be announced live at the UK-wide Q community event on 13 November 2019

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