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Have you got a great idea that you’d like to get £30,000 of funding for?

Q Exchange, Q’s £600,000 funding programme, is now open. Funded by the Health Foundation and NHS England and NHS Improvement, it offers Q members the chance to develop project ideas and submit bids for up to £30,000 of funding.

Applicants have the opportunity to refine and develop their ideas with the help of the Q community through a collaborative online process.

This year we are seeking project ideas on the theme ‘Embedding positive changes emerging through new collaborations or partnerships during COVID-19.’  

Up to 30 projects will be shortlisted and will go forward to the Q community vote where Q members vote on which projects receive funding. The winners will be announced in March 2021.

Ideas have now been submitted and applicants are working to refine their ideas with the help of the Q community.

£600,000 total funding available from the Health Foundation and NHSE&I, with up to £30,000 for each project

30 teams with collaboratively developed ideas, shortlisted for the Q community online vote

Q community members will vote online to decide which projects will receive funding

The Big Idea

Q Exchange aims to activate the knowledge of improvement experts across the UK; to create links between those leading work and those who can help champion, support, adopt these ideas; and to boost ideas that have the best potential to generate value for the health and care system.

Collective wisdom

Involve people who understand improvement to develop and select projects. Support all involved to learn from evidence, emerging ideas, and each other


Create links between those leading work and others who champion, support, help adopt it


Boost ideas judged to have the best potential to generate insight and value for patients, staff, and the health and care system

The Timeline

  1. Calendar icon: SEPT - 2020 SEPT2020

    Idea generation

    Upload your Q Exchange idea from 1 September 2020 and start to develop your idea with the support of the Q community

  2. Calendar icon: OCT - 2020 OCT2020

    Refine your idea

    Convert your idea into a proposal on the website by 12.00 on Tuesday 20 October 2020 for it to be considered by the shortlisting panels

  3. Calendar icon: NOV - 2020 NOV2020


    Shortlisting panels will assess proposals and select up to 30 projects to go forward to the vote. Shortlisted projects will be announced 8 January 2021.

  4. Calendar icon: JAN - 2021 JAN2021

    Community vote

    Q members will vote online to decide which projects will receive funding. Winners will be announced in March 2021.

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Latest activity

  • Hi David, Myself and my colleague Emma Adams (Health Transformation Partnership) are supporting the Health Foundation this year by fostering conversations between Q members and encouraging collaboration. We were Exchange applicants last year, so we’re hoping that our experience will help us to help others, as their ideas take shape. Your idea is very compelling (not least as I have a personal interest in sustainability). We've not had chance yet to read every idea, but having done so, we'll see if we can connect you with people who might have the skills you've called out. However, a couple of things immediately jump out. One is that those using Experience-Based Co-Design (e.g. in Northumbria - Annie Laverty's team have a great deal of experience engaging with patients through improvement work, so that's perhaps one connection to make. The other thought I had was that your organisation may have an improvement team (or similar) who may be more familiar with generating business cases. If that route doesn't prove helpful, do come back to me as I may be able to offer some guidance in this area. Before I sign off, I noticed that you describe 30/60/90 day cycles, but there seems to be two aspects with 60 days against them, so I wondered whether it would help to flesh our your project timeline, making it a bit clearer which, if any, of these aspects will be delivered in parallel. I hope that helps and I wish you all the best, with your idea. Pete
  • Really interesting project. I'm working with the Health Foundation to connect Q members around Q Exchange.  There are a number of maternity-focused projects suggested this year (one of them even has AI in it) that you might want to have a look at and consider whether there is scope for collaboration. There are also quite a few projects around developing apps and AI which might also be of interest. I'd suggest your project could benefit from a bit more information as to how your would collaborate with others and what specifically you might use the funding for. It's also worth having a look at some of the technology and digital groups that are ran by members within the community.  They may be interested to hear your ideas.  Good luck! best wishes, Emma

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