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  • UPDATE AND THANK YOU 22/01/2019 We wanted to update everyone that supported and was interested in our project. We have now run a survey of users and those interested in using NCAB to find out how they think we can improve the platform. We have had almost 100 responses and we have already identified a number of positive changes we can implement from the most popular ideas. We will now be refining the feedback to finalise the list of changes that we want to test out with our web development team. We will continue to update and look forward to future discussions and collaboration. Speed DATAing Q Exchnage HQIP Team  
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    Great that this project was shortlisted; congrats. Please do get in touch if you are planning anything specific about medicines choices, esp at end of life. Good luck. :)
  • Hi All, It seems a long time since last Autumn's conference when we were given the honour and responsibility of turning the Q Community votes into a reality. We have now received the funding for the Q Community Timebank and have been working hard with developers to build the platform with a planned launch in April. It will be a way of multiplying our impact and accelerating learning through facilitating quality improvement skills exchanges. It is powered by a simple principle: “Give an hour, get one back.”   If you want a sneak peek, beta test the platform or be involved in the evaluation of its impact, then join us for a face to face workshop in Walsall or a lunchtime Zoom webinar on 18th January. I would be particularly interested in your thoughts on how the Timebank could augment the projects you are working on. The Workshop registration (18th January 1000-1600) is: The Zoom Webinar link (18th January 1300 to 1400) is: And the link to the test platform is here:
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    I've been hunting down some better than average stuff on the subject and haven't had any fortunes up until this point, You just got another greatest fan!.. <a href=" "> Domiciliary care service </a>
  • Dear Q Members and Fellow Commentors, I am contacting you in relation to our Q exchange project where we said we would seek the feedback of the Q members from the Q community. Our project seeks to use the Q Exchange ( funding to make changes to the platform as a result of your feedback. Why are we contacting you? We are really excited to launch our survey to find out how we can improve our National Clinical Audit Benchmarking (NCAB) platform for users. Every month hundreds of users are using NCAB to access national clinical audit (NCA) data. Primarily these users are based at Acute Trusts working in the relevant specialties or in clinical and executive leadership positions or quality improvement leads and respective QI team members. These users are the focus of our attempts to seek feedback as an opportunity for improving the platform and site. We also welcome wider feedback from all Q community members interested in helping us shape this. As such, we would welcome those with an interest in using data for improvement to complete our survey: What is National Clinical Audit Benchmarking (NCAB)? NCAB is an online portal providing access to national audit performance data. Its unique feature is that it brings together results from national audits in one platform so that the most recent results across the portfolio can be easily accessed and viewed by each healthcare provider. NCAB distils what can be necessarily extensive reporting into a concise set of key metrics for each audit topic. Results are presented in an easy to understand visual form, specific for each Trust, hospital and in some cases ward and where available against national benchmarks. What if you have never used NCAB? That is ok! The survey enables you to take a look at the website first via a link to enable you to see what it is like before you give your feedback. We think NCAB is most useful for clinical and executive leaders and improvement (QI, audit, clinical) leads at Acute Trusts but we welcome wider feedback including from patients and commissioners too! When do I need to do it by? It takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey. So why not do it now! But if you don’t have the chance right this minute, then you can still do it later and by 14th December if at all possible. We will send out a reminder that week. We will publish anonymous results unless you leave your email and we contact you in relation to sharing your personal feedback. Thanks again for your time HQIP Q Exchange Team Dr. Kieran Mullan Audit Data for Improvement Lead, HQIP,   HQIP Q Exchange Team Q members: Yvonne Silove and Mirek Skrypak
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