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  • Nice short film clip which I hope might of some use for your networks.
    “NHS Scotland is a true pioneer in the use of video consultations with @NHSNearMe, an integral part of a hybrid care model. Listen to @marcbeswickahp talk about the multiple benefits, from patient accessibility and convenience to the environment.”

  • Shane Barry posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Hi all, In case it’s of interest, we’re hosting a live panel discussion at 1pm on 25th May with some healthcare thought leaders to talk about digital inclusion, titled: Inclusivity for Everyone: Addressing Digital Inequalities Within Communities.
    Please register here if you would like to join!: h…Read more

  • Kate Pryde posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    We are very excited that our project Revolutionising remote Multiple Sclerosis care by rethinking Digital healthcare support | Q Community has been shortlisted in the QExchange.

    This is a fabulous innovative opportunity for us to pilot a co-designed digital healthcare role to support patients receiving virtual care via a digital platform so…Read more

  • Jo Scott posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Hi all, we have our final Q Lab UK workshop on Thursday 12 May (between 10-2.30pm). During this we’ll be celebrating the progress and achievements we’ve made and hearing from test teams and contributors. We’ll also be sharing what we’ve been learning about so far during our current Lab project, exploring staff and patient trust and confide…Read more

  • Hi all, we have a Q Lab UK workshop on Thursday 14 April (between 10-1pm). During this we’ll be sharing back with participants some of the tensions and challenges we’ve been hearing about so far during our current Lab project, exploring staff and patient trust and confidence in remote monitoring. This may be of interest to several of you in thi…Read more

  • A case study on incorporating Speech to Text as part of a Near Me video appointment and saving a monthly round trip of 200 miles. This was based on feedback from a patient. She wanted us to share her experience to help others. Nice.

  • Latest from Trish Greenhalgh and BJGP

    Why do GPs rarely do video consultations? qualitative study in UK general practice

    With a video clip from Trish

    There is an element of professional preferences limiting public choice.…Read more

  • Jo Scott posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone! In a recent Q Lab UK workshop, we invited Q member Jo Morris to share learning from a Q Exchange-funded project to embed video consultations with non-English speaking communities. We used the Liberating Structure ‘celebrity interview’ for this session. Jo agreed for us to share the recording of her session as it provides useful ins…Read more

  • A couple of updates that I hope might be of interest

    Eye, 17th February
    This project aims to determine the feasibility of teaching patients to perform self-tonometry remotely using a remote video link (NearMe)
    Teaching home tonometry using a remote video link | Eye (

    Chris Ryan, (Founder of Attend Anywhere) Blog
    I was booking an…Read more

  • Hello all, I wanted to share this whitepaper on Redesigning Patient Care with Virtual Consultations.
    It’s the result of a comprehensive research study considering the opportunities presented by the adoption of virtual consultancy to transform…Read more

  • The findings from this research very much chimed with our own findings and positioning in Scotland.

    A mix of in-person and remote physio “safe and acceptable”
    Mix of in-person and remote physio “safe and acceptable” (

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In response to Covid-19, the health system plans to rapidly expand the use of video consultations.

The aim of this group is to share practical learning, tips and challenges when introducing this complex service change, and to learn from existing evidence.

We want this space to be helpful in progressing your work, rather than competing with it.

This group is convened by Jo Scott

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