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I'm a QI coach, researcher and knowledge sharing enthusiast! I'm passionate about helping the NHS use evidence for quality improvement better. In 2019 our work in this space won the Collaboration Award at the Institute of Continuous Improvement in Public Services, and we came 2nd in the HSJ Support Service of the Year category.

During my 9 years in the NHS I have lead and delivered a wide variety of improvement projects working with multiple specialties and operational teams including paediatrics, maternity, respiratory, ophthalmology, day surgery, operating theatres, private patients and outpatients.

I'm also a researcher at the University of Bristol, exploring the role of management consultants in the NHS and how we can use them better.

Before joining the NHS I spent 13 years in the private sector as a Senior Manager at RBS and as a Management Consultant for Accenture and IBM Business Consulting Services. I have an MBA from London Business School and an MA in Law from Oxford. I have 3 children and live in Somerset.

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Blog posts

  • Collaborating for success: Using evidence for quality improvement.

    Q member, Andrea Gibbons, shares the latest from Q Exchange 2019 project, Evidence4QI, and five steps you can take now to use evidence for quality improvement.

  • Have you heard about FAB?

    Andrea Gibbons, Q connector and FAB ambassador, explains what the Academy of Fabulous Stuff is and how you can get involved.

  • Reflections on the South West AHSN Annual Conference

    On the 16 November, South West AHSN hosted their annual conference in Exeter. Andrea Gibbons, Improvement Advisor at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, reflects on the event.

  • On a journey towards evidence based improvement

    Andrea Gibbons, Improvement Advisor at Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust, shares her journey towards evidence-based improvement - including creating a new Improvement Librarian role.

  • My Improvement Journey: Andrea Gibbons

    Andrea shares her passion for building 'a movement of evidence based improvement in the NHS' and the need to professionalise delivery for transformational change. She is an Improvement Advisor at Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, a PhD Student at the University of Bristol and a Q Connector.

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