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Jane Pightling

Evolutionary Connections

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I started my QI journey in the late 1990s in Mental Health, integrating health and social services, trying to involve patients and trying to develop partnerships with non-statutory organisations to provide a range and choice of support. I found I was unusual compared to my management colleagues and enjoyed the change and development work. I built my QI skills and recall training sessions with Kate Sylvestor fresh from her Toyota experiences. I led a team of staff utilising improvement methodologies to increase flows, reduce waiting times and improve the patient experience.  I was privileged to visit Jonkoping and benefit from the knowledge and learning of the microsystems community.  It was about this time that I recognised that improvement science works a lot better when we also deliberately work with the human aspects of improvement and change. I realised I had been practicing what I now describe as "stealth OD" and that utilising this knowledge base more consciously and deliberately in conjunction with the improvement techniques was advantageous.  I spent some time working with the NHS Leadership Academy with the intention of connecting these different skills sets, and often different groups of staff.  More recently I have been working to support the development of networks and communities of practice, coaching leaders and developing new ways of working and organising home care teams, inspired by the Buurtzorg approach.

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