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Community Engagement and Experience Manager (Solent) & Palliative and End of Life Care Project Manager (ICS)

Joe Croombs

Solent NHS Trust & Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System (ICS)

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In my career I have had the opportunity to work with an array of exceptionally talented and passionate people. This gave me both the opportunity to learn and practice my relationship building and interpersonal skills.  The ability to connect, translate information into action and or explain the principles behind something can and does take time. However this is time well spent, as trust builds over this time.

As my career has developed, who I am and what I offer continues to evolve and grow, however the basis remains the same. I offer you a highly motivated, can do person, with a flexible, open approach, who strives to make a difference, ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard. I love a challenge, something new to get my teeth into and to be there for our patients/carers/loved ones, support our staff and give our communities a voice.

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