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Programme Manager and Improvement Coach

Liz Watson

Improvement Academy

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I work as a Programme Manager and Improvement  Coach for the Improvement Academy, supporting front line teams across Yorkshire and Humber to improve patient safety and reduce harm.

I lead the Achieving Reliable Care for Safety (ARCS) programme, which supports the delivery of consistent and reliable care by focusing on providing what the patient needs, when they need it.  This tool is based on lean methodology to improve communication and patient flow.  ARCS highlights each and every delay to patient care so teams can address those that are within their gift and escalate those that are not.  In turn organisations can focus their improvement efforts to those issues with the largest impact.

I also Co-Lead our Achieving Behaviour Change (ABC) virtual training and coaching programme.  We support teams to address barriers to patient safety behaviours using the theoretically underpinned ABC toolkit.

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