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I am trained as a Therapy Radiographer in Hong Kong and UK and have worked for radiotherapy equipment manufacturer, independent and NHS hospitals in the last 20 years. With the increasing demand on sharing of good practice and learning, I  have established the national Radiotherapy Quality Special Interest Group (RTQ SIG) in 2015. The success of RTQ SIG is building on the solid foundations of regional quality groups such as MOSQuITO (Midlands Organisation of Specialists in Quality Improvement for Therapeutic Oncology) and LASER (London and South East Radiotherapy Quality Managers Group) dated back in 1995 and 1999 when 'QART' initiative was first introduced.

Being an 'insider' working in healthcare and 'outsider' using the services, I am honing my skills to turn into an interdependent collaborator, developing my vertical knowledges/skills continuously; love to meet + work with other change agents & like-minded colleagues to make a difference in healthcare.

Work at basic level, understand the nitty gritty and operational challenges in the world of old power, discern the dynamic expectation of stakeholders are the first step to connect and engage people cross boundaries. We must work interdependently because none of us has enough knowledge and / or power to make a positivie difference alone.

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