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  • Paul Bowie posted an update 1 day, 22 hours ago

    For colleagues interested in Human Factors & Ergonomics in Health and Social Care, please see details of how to register free for our 1st Q Exchange Project Webinar on Thursday 29/10/2020 at 12.30. Please visit (copy and paste the link):

  • There are spaces available to join Q’s practical ‘Network Weaver learning series’ and participate in 5 online workshops. Would you like to sign up?

    The workshops are designed to enhance your skills, improve your network leadership skills and boost your…Read more

  • Helen Meese posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    My business partner, Angela Hobbs and myself have been developing a prototype training programme to deliver the EBC Toolkit and we have added this idea to the Q Exchange, the title of the proposal is ‘Building a Training Academy to deliver the EBC Toolkit’.

    EBC refers to the Engineering Better Care Toolkit, developed by Professor John Cla…Read more

  • Nikki Davey posted an update 1 month ago

    Hi All – last year the Clinical Human Factors Group (chfg) ran a workshop with the Q community called ‘Enhancing the science of improvement for patient safety – taking the next step with Human Factors in Healthcare’. We brought together people who had an interest in QI, Human Factors and Patient Safety. You can find a summary of what we did and w…Read more

  • *Fabulous opportunity to learn the ‘Network Weaving’ approach with other Q members*

    On Wednesday we launched our exciting new learning series on ‘Network Weaving’!

    This nine month series, delivered virtually by The Strategy Group, is designed to equip Q members with the practical skills, tools and processes to become network leaders. We’ll e…Read more

  • Paul Bowie posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Dear Colleagues, please see this evolving online resource for Human Factors/Ergonomics which is part of our Q Exchange Project: It contains lots of guidance, tools and links. More updates coming very soon. Watch out for our forthcoming blog on the main Q Community sites. Thanks. Paul

    • Hi Paul – how about adding links to the Clinical Human Factors Groups webpages in your Scots resources? #Workingacrossboundaries 😉

      • Sorry for delay in responding Nikki, I didn’t notice your message!

        Yes absolutely, what’s on just now was our 1st stab as a taster so to speak, I have a big Word document full of new links and resources just waiting to be added (it’s a cumbersome process given the technical limitations of the site) and the CHFG and it’s outputs are a significant…Read more

  • We often get asked about Process Mapping tools and the differences between them. The most commonly used tool we come across is Post-Its and Microsoft Visio. We used to use that too. Have a look at our blog comparing the benefits of Visio vs Engage Process for mapping. Spoiler alert they are like chalk and cheese…Read more

  • Hi all, I’m a General Surgery Registrar from Bristol and new member of the Q community.

    Thank you for accepting me into this group! I need your advice: on Saturday the 26th of September we are running the largest free virtual QI conference (QISW) with support from the Academic Health Science Network and some Q community members. The aim is to m…Read more

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This group is open to anyone interested in discussing, exploring and collaborating on project ideas for the Q Exchange 2019 theme, “Building improvement capabilities across boundaries”

This group is convened by Anna Burhouse

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