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  • Q Exchange feedback webinars

    Following the Q Exchange shortlisting process, we will be running a three-part webinar series to offer feedback for all Q Exchange applicants to support development of your projects. The webinars are designed for applicants as a forum to connect and inspire each other to carry on working on their ideas and…Read more

  • Not on the shortlist – could crowdfunding be a route to gaining the funding your project needs?

    This Zoom video session offers a great overview of the ins and outs of crowdfunding: ‘A guide to crowdfunding – with Alex Watson’:–7glkZI

    Are you interested in how crowdfunding could help you support your health or social care…Read more

  • Hi all,

    We have a bid shortlisted to co-design a Quality Coach development programme which would be freely available to all Q members. This is something that we have been discussing in our STP QI forum and also within my own organisation for some time. Having accessible local support, beyond a central team, is a real necessity for embedding…Read more

  • Emma Vaux posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Hi everyone
    Our idea is The Virtual Hug of Support (in the alternatives to traditional outpatient model section).
    We are already working very differently in how we deliver outpatient care – through this a big gap was identified with our patients in how they access and receive healthcare information to better self-manage alongside the outpatient c…Read more

  • Can you help – with a Q ‘Matching Matrix’ to help members get the most out of what Q offers?

    Hi all,
    I hope you’ve had a good summer (I had a hot – but relaxing – time in Turkey with the family).
    I’d really appreciate your feedback and ideas on something that certainly can relate to building improvement capability across boundaries (though isn’t…Read more

    • Dear Matthew,
      A regular weekly or monthly digest with information on events, opportunities, perhaps a short Q&A profile of on a Q-Member (who they are, what projects they are working on etc) and an email address to where newsletter recipients can ask Q (if they approve) to share relevant information in future newsletters could work?

      • Many thanks Luisa, great suggestions!

        The monthly Qmunicate newsletter does some of this – do you find it useful?


  • Morning all, I hope your applications have been going well and that you are in a good place with submission. As we move into the next phase, do keep in touch and share your updates. It would be lovely to hear how everyone is progressing.
    Good luck everyone.
    Take care

    • Thanks Anna. Am on holiday so a bit frantic but think it’s done. Just a quick question about Executive sponsor/Lead. Does it have to be an exec or would an appropriate Head of Department be sufficient? Best wishes

    • Hi Seema, a Head of Department is perfectly sufficient. Thanks, Zoe

    • Thank you Zoe

    • Also, I wondered if we’re meant to receive anything via email acknowledging that our proposal has been submitted successfully. Once I pressed submit it did take me to a page on the Q site to say it had been accepted so maybe it’s all gone through ok but thought I’d check!

  • Hi all, I’m currently having a final pass over my groups Q Exchange bid and was looking for any last minute feedback as we build the project timeline. Our aim is to take ‘Kaizen Bursts’ to lower paid front line staff, who we have identified as being a staffing group that is often missed in training sessions and improvement courses due to lack of…Read more

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This group is open to anyone interested in discussing, exploring and collaborating on project ideas for the Q Exchange 2019 theme, “Building improvement capabilities across boundaries”

This group is convened by Anna Burhouse

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