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Create Radiotherapy specific ePREM with standardised methods to collect quantitative and qualitative patient feedback. Live results will be available to participating organisation, allow large scale implementation to help identify improvement that is relevant for radiotherapy departments.


Currently NHS England and individual trust commissioned commercial companies to conduct various types of patient experience surveys. However, some of these national surveys are paper based with large number of questions and may not be given at the appropriate time in the cancer pathway. An ePREM owned by the profession would enable our own community to customise and adapt data collection method and content that is specific for radiotherapy pathway, avoid laborious and time-consuming process controlled by ‘outsider’. RT ePREM is more agile, able to align with the most current focus of radiotherapy service development and the dynamic and fast-growing development and demands of service users – cancer patients and carers.


Some generic non-radiotherapy specific electronic patient experience survey may be easy for patients to access but often not able to provide consistent, meaningful or useful feedback either locally or nationally. We hope to collaborate with cancer patient groups and co-design e-survey which address patient experience of different radiotherapy treatment sites along the clinical pathway.


Live results from participating organisations can be anonymised to help identify common improvement needs, allow meaningful comparison and benchmarking while remain confidential to individual organisation.  


Questions we would like to investigate: 

  • What is important for radiotherapy patient or what patients want / need?
  • Where are we at in terms of person-centred care in radiotherapy? 
  • Investigate patient needs of different treatment sites and at different point of cancer treatment pathway.
  • Investigate the possibility of mapping PREM data with PROM data
  • Investigate the possibility of integrating PREM data with English National Cancer Online Registration Environment (ENCORE)
  • Agree on survey content and review regularly as service requirement evolve
  • Design to allow large scale but easy implementation

How you can contribute

  • Are there any members of the Q community - clinical staff and cancer patients - who have experience in PREM design?
  • Are there any members of the Q community able to provide support on the 'technical' aspect of creating an electronic PREM application / web based system?


  1. Guest

    I have a lot of experience in developing short PROMs and PREMs. I suspect that needs in Radiotherapy have some aspects that are specific and many that are generic. We usually mix common validated generic modules and focus on a few specific items.  This means we can compare between interventions using generic items, while still capturing the specific. Let me know if these ideas are of interest.  More on our website


  2. Isabel, I have some basic web skills and may be able to help on the technical aspects of such an application. Regards Tom

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