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About this group

The purpose of this Special Interest Group is to provide a learning forum to bring together those with knowledge of the IHI Joy in Work Framework, alongside novices who would like to know more.
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) state:

If burnout in healthcare were described in clinical or public health terms, it might well be called an epidemic.
Burnout affects all aspects of the pursuit of better health and healthcare.  It leads to lower levels of staff engagement, which correlate with lower customer (patient) experience, lower productivity, and an increased risk of workplace accidents.  All these significantly affect the financial vitality of an organisation.  The impact on patient care is even more worrying.  Lower levels of staff engagement are linked with lower quality patient care, including safety, and burnout limits providers’ empathy – a crucial component and effective and person-centred care. 
The IHI believes an important part of the solution is to focus on restoring joy in the healthcare workforce, and has developed four steps leaders can take to improve Joy in Work (the ‘how), and the Framework for Improving Joy in Work – critical components of a system for ensuring a joyful, engaged workforce (the ‘what’).  Together they serve as a guide for healthcare organisations, teams, and individuals to improve joy in work of all colleagues. 
Join us so we can learn together how to create joy in work.  All welcome!

This group is co-convened by Susy Cook.



This group is convened by Julia Wood