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Head of Service

Jason Nicol

NHS Grampian / Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership

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  • Head of Service, Specialist Older Adults and Rehabilitation Services, NHS Grampian/Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Responsible for the safe, effective and person-centred delivery of a range of services, and for clinical, staff and financial governance
  • Interested in leading and critically appraising quality improvement methodologies within complex systems
  • 2018 GenerationQ Fellow

Jason is currently a Head of Service for Specialist Older Adults and Rehabilitation Services in the Grampian area. He began his career as a physiotherapist, before moving into roles in risk management and health care governance. He has worked in NHS Grampian since 1996, most recently as Senior Service Manager, before his current role which he has held since February 2017.

Alongside the relevant clinical/professional leads, Jason is responsible for the safe and effective delivery of a range of services provided, as well as for adopting and promoting an ethos of continuous improvement within an evolving integrated health and social care system.

Jason is committed to transforming the way in which the older people’s pathway works in Grampian, across health and social care, including primary and secondary care. This will involve identifying the current way in which the complex system operates, and facilitating a cross-agency redesign of this pathway to become a fit-for-purpose approach for the future. He hopes the GenerationQ fellowship will help him with this ambitious improvement project: ‘This is a significant scale of improvement, but one that I think is ripe for developing in the local context, given policy drivers for change, local conditions seeking change and resource provision to support transformational change.’

The multi-agency spread of the GenerationQ fellowship is of particular interest to Jason, as he finds this ‘invaluable in challenging my perspective and in building effective cross-agency networks’. Jason aims to: ‘further improve my self-awareness as a leader, and awareness of my own organisational context in order to further improve my personal effectiveness, both within my area of responsibility and on a wider, whole-system basis.’

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