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Sustainable Healthcare

Special Interest Group

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About this group

Sustainability is a domain of quality in healthcare. Sustainable value considers patient and population outcomes against environmental, social and economic costs (the “triple bottom line”). Sustainable value can be achieved by applying the principles of sustainable clinical practice: prevention, patient empowerment and self-care, lean service delivery and use of low carbon alternatives.
This SIG brings together people who are passionate about sustainability and interested in improving the sustainable value of the NHS. Please do share case studies of your work on sustainable practice. The SIG is also a forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities for improving sustainability within healthcare so please do post your questions to tap into the knowledge of our community.
To find out more about sustainability in the healthcare context please visit

This group is convened by Olivia Bush, and was co-founded by Chantelle Rizan and Frances Mortimer .


This group is convened by Olivia Bush