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Sustainability should be considered a domain of quality in healthcare. Sustainable value considers patient and population outcomes against environmental, social and economic costs. Sustainable value may be maximized by applying the principles of sustainable clinical practice: prevention, patient empowerment and self-care, lean service delivery and use of low carbon alternatives.
This SIG aims to bring together individuals who are passionate about sustainability and interested in improving the sustainable value of the NHS. Please feel free to use this SIG as a platform for sharing case studies of sustainable practice. This will also act as a forum to discuss the challenges and enablers to improving sustainability within a healthcare context.
To find out more about sustainability in the healthcare context please visit
This group is convened by Chantelle Rizan (Sustainable Surgery Fellow at Centre for Sustainable Healthcare), Rachel Stancliffe, Frances Mortimer and Mahmood Bhutta.


This group is convened by Chantelle Rizan

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