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Jonathan (Jono) Broad is a well known patient leader in the southwest. Jono has worked in the voluntary (3rd sector) in both social housing and healthcare for more than 30 years with experience in leadership, strategy, service improvement and service design.

Jono firmly believes that the only way to get the best outcomes for patients is to place them at the centre of both their own patient journey and service design. Whether you call it patient centred care, co production or any number of quality improvement terms if the patient is not involved in a full and meaningful way then we will fail both the patients and the system that we as a nation have come to love.

There are many ways to engage patients in improvement methodology but the first one has to be to simply invite them in and listen, learn and then lead.

Jono would be delighted to help you get the most out of your Quality Improvement by helping you get the most out of your patient engagement.


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  • Promoting Person Centred Approaches The Patients Viewpoint

    Jono Broad is a long term conditions patient involved in Quality Improvement, Patient Safety & CoProduction of health services. In this teaching lecture Jono uses stories from his over 300 admissions to secondary care to inform the audience of how patient wish to be treated and what it truly means to place the patient and the centre of the care environments. Jono uses his sense of humour and knowledge to challenge common misconceptions about patients and their approach to care. Talk is 45mins to 1 hr plus questions time.

    Download more information (PPT, 5MB)

  • QI PI or QI π – What’s your name and number

    As a long term conditions patient Jono Broad created the QI π website to help organisations ensure that their Quality Improvement projects have patients at the heart of what they do as well as patients in Co-Production of their QI Plans. Hear why 3.142 is essential for organisations to understand if they want to complete the cycle of patient engagement. To find out more about QI π visit Talk is 20mins plus question time

    Download more information (PPT, 273KB)

  • The Patients Pathway

    As a long term conditions patient with over 300 admissions and many more health engagements Jono was asked what he thought would be a good pathway for patients. This is his answer to that question and hopefully will lead you to answer the question what do patients want from a modern NHS. Jono believes that if you used these simple steps to determine planning for improvements in service then you will always deliver great care in a patient centred way. Talk is 20 to 30 mins plus questions.

    Download more information (PPT, 285KB)

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