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Reimagining Health and Care

Special Interest Group

Reinventing Organisations, Buurtzorg, beyond new public management, Laloux, beyond budgeting, deliberately developmental, Clare Graves, brave new work, complexity, building communities, leadership for complex and chaotic times. What happens when you apply this in health and care? Join us and to share your learning and build new practice.

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About this group

This Reimagining Health and Care Special Interest Group is for people actively working to explore how we might reimagine our health care system to recognise individuals and communities as health producing. Inspired by the success of organisations like Buurtzorg the group will address how we can connect people to purpose, welcome the whole person at work and reinvent the structures and systems to support this change.

It feels like we are at a tipping point. These ways are entering the mainstream and will become subject to the usual pressures from the existing system to conform and preserve the current paradigm. We are pleased to announce our new series of webinars, sharing our experiences and learning of working in this way.

Our webinar in January featured Brendan from Buurtzorg UK, you can watch the recording here

On 13th February 2020  Katie Rose talked about the Buurtzorg inspired approach which redesigned children’s services to enable social workers to prioritise relationships with children and their families. See the recording here

17th March 2020 Neil Dunford shared his experience of using communities of practice to improve relationships and communication. Bringing together professional and family carers to co-create the very best practice to support children with special educational needs and disabilities. Watch the video here

22nd April 2020 Annie Francis reflected on her experiences and shares her learning about the Neighbourhood midwives model that boosted continuity of care by 500% but was blocked by current commissioning and funding structures from moving beyond the pilot stage. Watch the recording here

21st May 2020 Toby Lowe and Gary Wallace talk about Human Learning Systems, an answer to the failures of New Public Management and their experiences of implementing this in Plymouth.

10th June ‘Street-to-Scale – learning from trust based funding for citizen action’ – Matt Bell + Michael Little (Zoom)
Learn about this pioneering experimental method for building connection, trust and social connection in communities – being tested around the UK. Find out more and book here

Postponed to September ‘CQC reimagining the rules – new ways of regulating to support new ways of providing social care support’ – Simon Spoerer
Learn about CQC’s ‘sandbox’ project that is reimagining the rules to help support new forms of highly responsive person-centred care in communities. Find out more and book your place here

This group is co-convened by Jane PightlingMatt Bell.


This group is convened by Jane Pightling