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GP Partner and Medical Adviser HSCB

Philip Lusty

Health and Social Care Board and Riverside Practice

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Despite having a very hectic family life with 4 children, active in the local community mainly through church and Chairperson of local counselling charity Care in Crisis, I find time to work as a GP in Riverside Practice, Portadown as well as enjoy role working as a Medical Adviser for HSCB.  I have a most supportive and understanding wife by my side!

I actively support my college RCGP through our local office in Northern Ireland.   I started in 2010 as a member of the Quality Committee then progressed to chair the Members Forum where I also sat on the Executive Committee.  I now represent the Southern Area of Northern Ireland as one of 3 GP representatives on council for this region.

I am passionate about learning and teaching and have a relatively new role as a GP trainer.  My main interests are medical leadership, Quality Improvement, better use of IT, Governance and patient safety especially providing health care to most vulnerable patient groups.  I know the challenges first hand of raising and acting on patient safety concerns as expected of us as a profession by GMC and I am keen that our health care systems are transparent and accountable to us as health care professionals first and foremost to allow us to provide the best quality care we can to our patients we serve.

Through my role as medical adviser in HSCB my main goal is to support my GP colleagues in the region, many who are finding the current workforce crisis extremely challenging, increased stress levels within the profession and reduced ability to provide the best perceived quality care we wish for our patients and our community.   I am keen to unite and build bridges within the GP community as well as work alongside other stakeholders in primary care and secondary care to be a strong and effective voice, as patient advocate, for a better service that is sustainable, while we weather he current challenges within the entire Health System.  QI methodology and looking at ways to work together differently through collaboration is essential for us to progress.

My main local goal in the Southern Area is to build bridges, secure General Practice in the area,  strengthen bonds, unite the GP community locally by supporting our federations and Integrated Care Partnerships to help deliver system change and care locally through increased collaboration amongst our own profession and with other health care professionals, patients, elected representatives and voluntary sector.  We are challenged by Dr Bengoa's report to most importantly implement the many changes that are much needed in our health care system and where possible have a regional approach to develop and spread what works well locally.

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    Philip Lusty, participant in the Communities of Practice Leadership Programme (a Q community and Health Innovation Network initiative) shares his experience of setting up a community in Northern Ireland.

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