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Hello my name is Mel Bagot.

I joined the trust in 2014 and became the Transitional Change Manager for the Acute Hospital Reconfiguration team, in this role I was responsible for implementing a range of projects across various divisions to include both capital development and service improvement schemes. Following the successful centralisation of various projects within the Division of Family Services, Clinical Support and Facilities and acute surgery I moved across to become a Kaizen Promotion Office Manager.

I have 8 years’ experience of using Kaizen within the NHS and I think this is a real start of a journey and an exciting challenge, both for myself and the trust and I am looking forward to promoting, training and supporting staff within lean transformation using the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS).
I am truly passionate about my work and I think my favourite stage of Kaizen is interacting with staff to understand his or her objectives. As we go through that collaborative process, the imagination starts to flow and that’s always the fun part.

Currently working with with a wide variety of staff from Executives and senior leaders to clinicians, operational managers and front line staff. I am currently enjoying the current challenges I face within this role, which I find rewarding seeing the results-oriented.

I value putting patients first, providing excellent, innovative and diverse services, delivering safe standards of care, all underpinned by the constant pursuit of efficiency.

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