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Mindfulness for Quality Improvement

Special Interest Group

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About this group

Mindfulness is a process of focussing on experiences in the current moment. Over the last decades, many mindfulness based techniques and programmes have been used to improve health, and in fact there is good evidence base for its effectiveness in pain management, stress reduction, management of anxiety and depression.

However mindfulness practitioners also report an improvement of relationships & creativity and this group is interested in how mindfulness can support quality improvement by supporting leadership, creativity, collaboration and relational quality.

Members of the SIG are mindfulness practitioners with an interest or even experience in this area of mindfulness, and together we are looking to:

Exchange best practice in our current quality improvement and leadership programmes based on mindfulness or using mindfulness
Looking into the evidence for mindfulness and creativity, collaboration and leadership
Linking up with other groups doing work in this area

While some of us also practice or teach mindfulness for health, this will not the focus of this SIG as we believe there are already established forums out there for this purpose.

This group is co-convened by Anna Mandeville, Esther Hall, Anne Maloney and Christine Morgan.


This group is convened by Katja Behrendt