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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Gifts from the COVID-19 Crisis

Use the lived experience of staff during COVID-19 as a launch pad for improving the experience of underrepresented groups to practically create a fairer culture for all.

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  • Proposal
  • 2020

Meet the team


  • Chris Long, CEO
  • Robert Goddard
  • Rosetta Binu
  • Lou Beedle
  • Prof Shaji Sebastian
  • Marie Stern
  • Nami Sajja
  • Jay Choudhury, Portering Supervisor
  • Jay Gandhi, Physiotherapist
  • Bonnie Gray
  • Helen Knowles, HR
  • Lindsey Harding, HR
  • Liz Dearing, HR
  • Andrew Wilson, Education
  • Tim Staniland. Library & Knowledge Services Representative:
  • Cameron Clark
  • Chris Gay
  • Taiwo Dada FY2

What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

The lived experience of staff from all backgrounds will enable us to meaningfully work towards a culture where both in employment and service provision no individual is discriminated against or treated less favourably due to age, disability, gender, pregnancy or maternity, marital status or civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation of transgender (Equality Act 2010) and the vision as set out in the Trust’s Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Strategy. It is a demonstrable way of showing we are becoming a listening and learning society. The lived experience of our own staff helps us identify where we as organisations are falling short and begin to unpick the fabric of our institutions and society which have left cohorts of our population at particular, disproportional disadvantage to COVID-19. The experiences of our own workforce shines a productive and critical light on where we can and must do better to serve all.

What does your project aim to achieve?

A key aim is opening the dialogue to greater mutual understanding. Project outputs will be a series of documented experiences in video, audio and written format which bring the  EDI strategy to life touching everything from induction to leadership development  Recruitment & Retention and the expectations the NHS sets for society – its first principles

Practical outputs which celebrate what diversity brings including morale boosting events and products:

  • An art exhibition celebrating NHS diversity and the gifts it brings to our community
  • An EDI Culture Cookbook charity fundraiser  useful in helping staff from out of the area know where to go for foods that might bring them ‘a taste of home’ and help orient them to our area.
  • Videos to enhance debate on micro-aggression assimilation culture coding etc.
  • A “Time to Talk” EDI Primer
  • A practical roadmap and approach that is scalable and sharable across organisations, institutions and communities

How will the project be delivered?

The project will be delivered using The Hull Improvement Approach which is based on The NHS Model for Improvement coupled with the rigor of project management techniques and has been endorsed by the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network.

It spans internal and external organisational boundaries and is formally commissioned by the Trust with the Chief Executive Officer holding the position of Senior Responsible Officer for delivery.

Leads from Medical Workforce, Nursing and AHPs, Human Resources, Patient Representatives, Organisational Development, Training & Education, Communications, our BAME and LGBT Networks, our Junior Doctor Network, Hull York Medical School and QI Regional leads are working in partnership with us.

Our blend of project management and improvement ensure that involving relevant people and skills, measuring impact, delivering value for money and managing risk will be done within a compassionate leadership framework.

How is your project going to share learning?

Strong links with networks within the region Health Education England, Quality Improvement Trainers Network, Future NHS Collaboration, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Hull York Medical School and deanery and our Academic Health Sciences Network of fellows ensure ready spread. Effective links with system partners and other institutions including the voluntary sector organisations made stronger by COVID-19 ensure rapid sharing of ideas.

At a national level, this work will feature at the HSJ’s Patient Safety Virtual Congress 10-12 November 2020

Challenging systemic racism: A driving factor behind the disproportionate impact of covid-19 on BAME communities

  • Regular project updates through Q ensure rapid spread at the greatest reach and even greater in the event of a successful bid and the associated positive press.

How you can contribute

  • Evaluation
  • - independent analysis of qualitative data (transcribed experiences)
  • - analysis of quantitative data
  • - review of methodology
  • - productive challenge
  • Communication
  • - sharing experiences and ideas
  • - spreading the word
  • committing to not just fight racism and prejudice but to being anti-racist and active difference
  • role modelling key behaviours in their work
  • helping others develop a road map for their context (Adapt not Adopt)
  • improve the evidence base with their own work
  • relate the core relationship between staff experience and morale and patient safety

Plan timeline

9 Oct 2020 Secure Testimonial Voices for Qualitative Research
16 Oct 2020 Launch Our Voices Exhibition - Staff Portraits
16 Oct 2020 Project Board: Official Launch
30 Oct 2020 Launch EDI Culture Cookbook
30 Oct 2020 Schedule Testimonial Voices
6 Nov 2020 Record First Testimonial Voice
12 Nov 2020 Speak at HSJ Virtual Patient Safety Congress
13 Nov 2020 Project Board: Approve EDI Time to Talk Primer (Launch)
27 Nov 2020 Quantitative Survey Launch
4 Dec 2020 Junior Doctor OD EDI Topic Talks Launched
4 Dec 2020 Launch Micro-Aggressions Video
22 Jan 2021 Junior Doctor OD Second Topic Video Release
2 Feb 2021 CEO & BAME Chair Speak HSJ Workforce Forum
26 Feb 2021 EDI Roadmap for Positive Change
31 Mar 2021 EDI Dialogue Across Evidenced in Organisational Structures
31 Mar 2021 EDI Our Voices Exhibition The Brodrick Gallery
31 Mar 2021 New Organisational Structures to solicit and support EDI voices
30 Jun 2021 EDI Cookbook (WISHH CHARITY) produced & for sale
30 Jun 2021 Improved Staff Survey Results EDI Groups


  1. Agree with comments here and the value of the work to improve quality of patient care especially on this topic. Relating to Hesham's comment, as you develop it I would be interested to see how you plan to evidence improvement.

    1. Thanks for your comment and interest Clair!

      In true improvement style we are keen to share. Early improvement already include that we have a Trust commissioned Chair and 2 x Deputies for our BAME Network - before these important roles were solely on top of regular job as opposed to protected time within the role. We have also commissioned an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer which is a permanent Full-time post - so those represent structural improvements.

      The project will be undertaken using qualitative and quantitative research methodology in terms of baselining where we are now. I will include the core themes and questions from surveys - anyone is welcome to email me direct if they want the raw materials

      We are looking for support for independent analysis and evaluation. Once the information is analysed, recommendations will be coproduced with staff and then a process for commissioning the changes will take place - all should follow the familiar SMART format with accountable leads for delivery!

      The more transparent we can be the better the shared learning so happy to keep any and all updated as we move forward.



  2. This is a great idea Ruth. Using staff personal experiences will provide a powerful perspective and insight that hasn’t been explored with much depth. Love that you are using improvement methodology to tackle this very relevant yet still complex and important issue. Interested in following your progress and happy to help anyway I can

  3. HI Ruth,

    This looks like a great idea to share ideas and support diversity. It would also work well with the new patient safety framework and the Just Culture way of working. The IA has some good resources on this that you may find useful

    Let me know if I can help in anyway


  4. Hi Ruth, thank you for promoting this issue and articulating the opportunities that this pandemic presents us.

    The six domains in the Institute of Medicine definition of Quality includes "Equitable" but unless we explicitly aim, measure and design for equity, it won't happen by chance.

    It's great to see QI finally entering this space.

  5. Looks like an important project. I will share with colleagues. If you need specific skills to support this consider requesting them on and we'll try and help

    1. Hi John

      I've asked to link in with you and your group via Hexitime. Looking forward to working together.



  6. Guest

    Improvement Team Member 1 year, 9 months ago

    This is a great idea to support of equality and diversity.

  7. The Gift of COVID-19 is that in respect of shining a light on inequality and creating a global awakening, COVID-19 has been a fortunate disaster. It presents a crisis in which we can empower one another to create a fairer society and one which aims to fulfil old and for many empty promises. It is often out of crisis that such change manifests. COVID-19 is different to any one societies struggle - the inequalities it has highlighted are global and so too is the chance to enact positive change. People are afraid to talk about race and discrimination and privilege and this is precisely how prejudice, discrimination and inequality is allowed to perpetuate. What is required is that we START - aiming for progress rather than perfection so that we can mobilise towards the society we so desperately want and need to be.

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