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Developing a system partnership with the improvement timebank Hexitime

To test improvement timebanking at a system level in NW England to evaluate the impact of concentrated idea and skill sharing

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  • Proposal
  • 2020

What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

During Covid-19 we all had to work differently and quickly. Teams across the Trust and the Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) were able to develop and implement innovations and improvements at pace. The positive learning we took from this is we can work better together but we recognised a gap of how we capture this and build a network across the ICP further than a just a small group of individuals. As a system we need to be able to share learning and hold discussions around innovation and improvement easily and regularly. As covid-19 has reduced ‘corridor conversations’ and face to face large scale networking events we need to think differently about how we can still have these discussions, share learning safely and work together to make improvements happen and sustain.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Our project aims to develop better system working and sharing improvement, skills and learning to benefit our people and patients. Hexitime, an already developed platform and winner of the Q Exchange 2018, enables ways to exchange improvement skills and ideas in an open and collaborative environment. As there is already the function available instead of developing something additional we want to build on this and develop a partnership with Hexitime to create a system wide improvement timebank to enable us to share skills and knowledge across the Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership.

How will the project be delivered?

We were delighted to hold our first System Transformation Leads ‘Improvers Network’ last month which is a network made up of 30 individuals from across Cheshire West ICP who are leading transformation and improvement. The network has been created to start discussions of a new way of working together as system. This network will be our vehicle for change and help to drive and support the delivery. The project delivery plan will be held by the Trusts Transformation team all plans will be agreed by the Cheshire West Improvers Network. Additional relevant stakeholder will be included. The proposal has been sent to internal ICT teams for guidance of implementation.

How is your project going to share learning?

The project aims to share learning across the Cheshire West ICP. We will spend a large proportion of the fund on communication, engagement coordination and most importantly evaluation so we can share learning.

We will use virtual communications and engagement events to share progress and learning of this project.

Following evaluation of this project, our ambition is to share with our ASHN, the Q Community and wider. Hexitime will enable us to have the platform to share learning across the NHS. We aspire to write papers of our learning for publication and to share at conferences and reach out to other providers.

How you can contribute

  • Please be a critical friend and send us your suggestions or comments. Any comments or views on our ideas, or learning from similar type work would be welcome.
  • Q members who are already using Hexitime, it would be great to hear from you!

Plan timeline

25 Sep 2020 Discuss Proposal at Improvers Network
9 Oct 2020 Meeting with Hexitime to discuss partnership
13 Oct 2020 Demo from Hexitime to understand functions and opportunites
23 Oct 2020 Discuss Partnership at Improvers Network
30 Oct 2020 Complete Proposal for the Network
26 Nov 2020 Meet with Hexitime to agree plan


  1. Hi Hollie and Deborah,

    Q member Simon Gill was working on a proposal like this - might be worth seeing if he could help somehow?


  2. Hello! There are a number of platforms out there that do this already. I'd encourage you to take a look at the 2018 Q exchange winning idea which I think already supplies the feature you describe for free. The platform allows you to upload improvement ideas, vote on them and comment on them, etc. It's also endorsed by a number of AHSNs.

    Sorry, probably not what you want to read - but there may be opportunity to build on and refine something that's already in place and has done a lot of the leg work already

    1. This has developed really well - building on existing work and Q Community successes with Hexitime to explore something potentially really impactful in the NW

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