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  • Deborah Brown

What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

How many times have you started to engage staff in an improvement project/programme of work and to be met with “we have tried this before” “it didn’t work last time” “it will never work”?

Helen Bevan has talked about not just “thinking outside of the box” but how many times do we forget to “think outside of the bin”? The chances are that there will have been someone who has started to work on a project and it didn’t work initially and was deemed to fail.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Improvement/change projects often occur in isolation with little understanding of the impact it may have on the system. A repository of improvement projects throughout the Integrated Care Partnership could avoid the duplication of work.

An understanding of the goals of the wider system and avoid the negative impact of silo working.
Show how improvement activity can be made more visible to the wider MDT.
To encourage the use of PDSA and capture the learning for the future.
Learn from failure.
Avoid duplication of work and reinventing the wheel.

How will the project be delivered?

Developing a simple knowledge sharing community.
Using the skills throughout the system to support a sustainable digital platform.
Map and understand the skills set of “experts” outside of our immediate Acute Trust.
Using QI tools to evidence progress.
Keeping the use/registration process to a minimum.

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

The project will share learning by:

·         A clear and concise format.

·         Evidenced learning and reflection.

·         Understanding who is involved in the work and where.

How you can contribute

  • Comments of issues they already have on this problem and how they solve it.

Plan timeline

7 Mar 2019 Pilot areas identified and training organised
7 Mar 2019 Stakeholder session
2 Dec 2019 Project team identified - scope agreed
6 Dec 2019 Driver diagram completed
6 Dec 2019 Set up monthly updates to stakeholders
6 Jan 2020 Stakeholders identified and web designer secured
13 Jan 2020 Stakeholder Start Up Session - ideas for design
17 Jan 2020 Job description for Admin support on NHS jobs
27 Jan 2020 Wed design commences with continuous input from project team
28 Feb 2020 Web design 1st draft
27 Mar 2020 Training sessions in pilot area
3 Apr 2020 Pilot commences
9 Apr 2020 PDSA feedback
16 Apr 2020 Next pilot are commenced
23 Apr 2020 PDSA feedback
30 Apr 2020 General rollout commenced
7 May 2020 Feedback to stakeholders
5 Jun 2020 Project BAU


  1. Hi Darren - this seems like a very important goal.

    Indeed it comes up from Q members in every region or nation I've visited, and in every survey of what's needed that I've seen.

    Though doesn't the Life QI platform already do this - how would this be different from that? Is there a good reason to create something new?

    (Q Community Manager)

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