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Welcome to Q in the South West

The South West AHSN will be welcoming new members in the area to the Q community. The event is the first opportunity for all the new Q members to get together and to learn more about what it means to being part of Q. All members in the area are welcome.

29 Mar 2017


Sandy Park

The theme for the day is Engage-Connect-Commit.

A full day event, this welcome event will be the first of a series of events and activities for the new Q members from all across the South West provided by the South West AHSN.

The theme for the day is Engage-Connect-Commit. Dr Dominique Allwood from the Health Foundation will be talking about Q from the national perspective as we as well as current and founding members. All will share their stories, thoughts and vision for Q as this new community continues to build and develop.

The day will be highly interactive and engaging with a series of workshops for delegates to choose from, together with time to network and connect with one other, meeting new colleagues and perhaps also re-engaging with some existing contacts too.