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Visit to Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHSFT – Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving

An opportunity to learn about some of the practical and accessible ways artificial intelligence and other problem solving techniques are being applied to health care delivery

25 Jan 2018


Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch NHS Foundation Trust

Through an interactive workshop, Q members gained an understanding of the approaches that led to dramatic and sustained performance improvements in Endoscopy planning and administration. The event offered practical and accessible ways in which artificial intelligence, among other problem solving techniques, can be applied to health care delivery


  • To learn the principles and process of applying accessible artificial intelligence
  • To understand how to apply one-page problem solving techniques to health and care issues.
  • To gain an appreciation of a range of further improvement approaches, which were applied within Endoscopy

This visit was relevant for all Q members, in particular:

  • those seeking to improve both the productivity and quality levels of Health Administration
  • Q members in the South West
  • Q members interested in undertaking improvements in non-clinical areas

Here, Rohana Lustig and Peter Dudgeon, who are leading the improvements, talk about the challenges they faced and the solutions employed.

Here, Q members Adrienne Rogers and Tracy Broom talk about the visit and what they’ve taken away from the day.

For those who attended the visit, Peter has provided the resources that were discussed on the day:

The first sheet, entitled ‘Problem Solving’ enables users to track performance, analyse causes, take action and track progress all on a single sheet of A4. The example used on the day has been provided and can also be used as a template.

The third sheet in the document provides a simple illustration of computer assisted decision making, which was also shared on the day. This enabled complex data to be entered swiftly and accurately, shifting quality performance from 50% to 99% overnight. Whilst the document cannot be used as a template, it does walk you through the logic employed and also includes essential formulae for when you’re building your own computer-assisted decision making frameworks.

Innovation and Improvement Sustainability model and guide – This is a sustainabilty model used in Bournemouth to help ensure that the improvements undertaken in the Endoscopy service were likely to be sustained in the long term. It can be applied to any improvement project. There is also an Excel spreadsheet that aids the collation of the sustainability data referred to in the PDF above.