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What is the challenge your project is going to address and how does it connect to your chosen theme?

In 2019, Young Minds collaborated with the SW Clinical Network to audit systemic and impactful participation in commissioning. The results highlighted a knowledge gap for commissioners on how to involve CYP in the commissioning process. Additionally, a series of qualitative visits with providers highlighted the impact block contracts have for commissioners, clinical staff and for patients and their families. Trusts are navigating complex landscapes with multiple contracts from different commissioners resulting in fragmented services across different local areas which are harder to manage and have increased costs. Lord Carter’s report (2018) on reducing unwarranted variation highlights the way in which services are commissioned directly affects the productivity and efficiency of mental health trusts and their contribution to the wider health system. Capability will be built through a co-productive approach engaging multiple stakeholders across organisations and geographical footprints.

What does your project aim to achieve?

The project aims to create space to bring together key stakeholders across 2 STP footprints to agree outcomes for commissioning CYPMH. Further objectives are to strengthen system wide relationships, improve knowledge and skills for participation and ensure that this is wholly embedded in the commissioning process. In the longer term, commissioning for outcomes will reduce bureaucracy for providers & commissioners and provide a greater understanding about the outcomes the services will achieve. Most importantly, for CYP who access the services it will provide transparency of what to expect from specialist MH services. All agreed outcomes will be used by commissioners to form the basis of a model framework. Qualitative discovery interviews will be conducted to capture the learning of the co-productive approach. This approach offers value for money by disseminating learning with colleagues and it is hoped that the approach has applicability for other mental health pathways.

How will the project be delivered?

A project team will be created from members form across the STP’s, commissioners, providers as well as CYP with lived experience of mental health. A series of engagement events will be planned. Initially to create shared understanding of each other roles and organisations and then to build on from this to co-create an approach to agreeing the commissioning outcomes. The PM/analyst role will support both the data gathering and sharing process as well as delivery of the project objectives to agreed timelines. A risk log will be created with agreed actions to mange and/or mitigate any risks. One known risk will be staff having capacity to engage with the project and some funding will be shared to be used as backfill  to support the release of staff time. The project will report into the South West CYPMH Steering Group and onwards to the MH STP leads. The Project Lead will link with Q members for their knowledge and support and also will capitalise on national and regional networks.

What and how is your project going to share learning throughout?

As a senior member of the South West Clinical Network, we have extensive relationships with our CYP MH network colleagues across England, as well as adult mental health and good relationships with both our national and regional colleagues. Many of whom have already responded to ask for more information as the project develops. Capitalising on this, we will host a number of learning opportunities by way of webinars and events in the format of masterclasses. In addition, we will fully engage with the Q community and support all the asks/requests by the Q community.

How you can contribute

  • Experience of developing outcome measures for any patient pathway
  • Experience of engaging cyp participation in commissioning
  • Knowledge of QI tools to measure the impact of the approach taken, particularly with partnership working

Plan timeline

4 Nov 2019 Stakeholder engagment event-project launch
9 Dec 2019 Review of cypmh data from STPS/Providers
13 Jan 2020 Co-creation of outocomes
3 Feb 2020 Build on outcome creation
16 Mar 2020 Test outomes with system partners and staff
13 Apr 2020 Finalise all commissioing outcomes
18 May 2020 Evaluation, discovery interviews


  1. Hi Julie and Karen,

    would love to hear more about your thoughts. I work in a CAMHS service in the SW and if I can help in anyway let me know.

    warm wishes


    1. Hello Anna

      Many thanks for your comment and offer of support. Its still early stages of development, however I am also leading on a cypmh access programme of work across the sw providers and think this will be a good source of data to support this . Would it be ok to email you when I have built up some more detail and see how you could support this project?

      Best wishes,


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