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Meet the team: Rheum for Improvement for adolescents and young adults


  • Laura Drummond
  • Christine Robertson, Business Support Manager
  • Dr Elizabeth Murphy, Consultant Rheumatologist

Over the past few years NHSL has developed a combined paediatric/adult Rheumatology clinic which has facilitated transition for young people from the paediatric to adult service. The “Ready Steady Go” model of transition (REF) has been adopted. Feedback from young people has suggested that the transfer to adult care can be difficult. 

Best practice for services would suggest that the service should be provided in age appropriate environments.   Furthermore it is recommended that development and evaluation of transitional care should involve consultation with and participation of young people and their families (

Our project proposes that we convene a series of focus groups to ascertain priorities for young people and their families.  Using the principles of co-production we aim to incorporate the outcomes of these groups to help us develop the services.  

Areas to be considered include:

  • Location and timing of out-patient clinics – is there an appetite for evening and/or weekend services?

  • If we were to establish a dedicated area for young adult services, what would that comprise?

  • How can we improve the health literacy of the young adult population, and enhance their ability to fully participate in decisions about their care in shared decision making model?

  • We know that young adults welcome advice from many members of the Rheumatology team but find separate appointments inconvenient.  Would a drop in service at designated times be welcomed?

  • We know that many young adults who have had arthritis since childhood find applying for jobs challenging and would welcome vocational advice.  How can that be best accessed?

Once we have the results of the focus groups, we would implement changes to the service and evaluate and refine the development of the service using the model for improvement. 



Transition coordinator role 1 day per week for 6 months (? Band 5/6 nurse)

QI staff to facilitate and write up focus groups

Staff for evening clinic once per month for 6 months (Consultant, nurse, physio, OT, psychologist)

Training event for adult and paediatric Rheumatology teams – ½ day workshop

How you can contribute

  • Insights & Knowledge
  • Make introductions that might be useful

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