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Working together to develop an integrated approach to system-wide transformation for person-centred, safe and effective health and social care

Launch of our innovative approaches to systems transformation using practice development principles and the Venus model for person centred sustainable transformation in any context. Hear about the key skill sets we have identified as being essential to the system and HOW to do it!

29 Sep 2020
12:00 – 13:00



This Webinar is the official launch of the ImpACT research group at The University of East Anglia on the 29th September at 12 midday.

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to:

1. Engage with the ImpACT team members focussed on areas of mutual interest concerning health and social care transformation.
2. Discuss the skills required for person-centred sustainable transformation in health and social care using the Venus Model as a research framework to support transformation.
3. Share the key areas emerging from the stakeholder consultation of relevance to partners across the Eastern Region.
4. Identify areas of mutual interest where we can work together in next steps based on the core principles of Collaboration, Inclusion and Participation (CIP).
5. Provide an opportunity to question and critique to enable on going continued innovation in ways of working.