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‘Working Out Loud’: the powerful new practice that can help you catalyse health and care improvement – with Helen Sanderson (Zoom video call, 14 June)

Learn how ‘Working Out Loud’ can help you become more connected and effective – and feel better too – by building relationships and narrating your work. Helen Sanderson (CEO of Wellbeing Teams) will share how this open way of working empowers her pioneering person-centred health and care work, helping her move from old ways of working to new and better ones

14 Jun 2019

Zoom call - online/phone (all welcome) *Midday*

Working Out Loud is a way to build relationships that can help you in some way, like achieving a goal or exploring a new topic or skill. Instead of networking to get something, you invest in relationships by making contributions over time, including your work and experiences that you make visible. Your contributions over time are what build trust and deepen a sense of relatedness, and that’s what increases the chances for cooperation and collaboration”, explains Working Out Loud pioneer John Stepper.

The results? When you Work Out Loud, you’re more effective because you have access to more people, knowledge, and opportunities that can help you. You feel better, too, because your bigger network of meaningful relationships give you a greater sense of control, competence, and connection. All of that leads to more motivation for individuals, and to more agility, innovation, and collaboration for an organisation.”

If you work out loud, you progress from old ways of working to new and better ones. These include modeling the open way of working, demonstrating trust, and flattening out the hierarchy.

Helen Sanderson, CEO of Wellbeing Teams, will share her experiences of using #WOL to support her pioneering health and care work. (Wellbeing Teams are reinventing homecare, inspired by the Buurtzorg community nursing approach and the other self-managed organisations, as described in Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations).


Amongst the strands of Helen’s #WOL approach have been blogging, Twitter, and weekly short video blogs – and coming soon is a video interview with the CQC about her inspection experience, demystifying a process that could feel challenging, particularly for a new organisation with a novel approach.

Though some may dismiss #WOL as a lightweight ‘soft’ activity, it was recently labelled the most transformative trend in Knowledge Management (KM) – an organisational field commonly associated with repositories and databases – by leading KM guru Stan Garfield.

Join us for what promises to be a fascinating and enjoyable discussion – that could change the whole way you work.

This Zoom video call is organised for Q’s Connectors network, but is open to anyone with an interest in this topic.