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Visit to Jaguar Land Rover – Immersive Lean learning

An immersive and educational day at Jaguar Land Rover’s Lean Learning Academy in Liverpool.

24 Jul 2019


Jaguar Landrover

With many organisations in the health and care sector introducing Lean as their primary improvement methodology, learning how organisations in other sectors are implementing Lean well is invaluable. Q members had the opportunity to experience how Jaguar Land Rover have adopted a Lean approach in order to stay at the cutting edge of a highly competitive market. With access to Jaguar Land Rover’s Lean Learning Academy, attendees had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how Lean operates in a manufacturing environment, and how they might apply this in their own contexts.

Why Jaguar Land Rover?

Jaguar Land Rover are internationally renowned for manufacturing luxury vehicles. Although predominantly powered by petrol and diesel, the Jaguar E-Pace is now competing with Tesla in the luxury electric car market. The emergence of electric cars is just one example of the highly competitive market that automotive manufacturers operate within. In order to keep pace, Jaguar Land Rover have chosen to adopt a Lean approach.

What was learnt?

On this immersive day, Q members learnt about the story of Jaguar Land Rover and their Lean journey, including a visit to their Lean Academy and an educational session on standard work and workload balancing (Yamazumi), interspersed with vehicle demonstrations, a manufacturing tour and a space for questions.

Aims and objectives

By the end of the session Q members:

  • Understood the application of waste reduction, standardisation and quality assurance within Jaguar Land Rover
  • Saw first-hand how these concepts are applied within a manufacturing context
  • Explored the critical success factors when embarking upon a Lean transformation in your organisation
  • Made and strengthened connections with other Q members who are applying Lean approaches within health and care systems

Who was the visit for?

Q community members who are already familiar with the concept of Lean.

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