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15 May 2019


Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

The aim of the event is to bring together the leaders of Quality Improvement from across all ambulance services to learn, share and work together to enhance the network that can make a difference to patients and staff.

Where we want to get to by the end of 15th May – to have strengthened the existing network of ambulance service QI leads through co-creation and a sense of purpose and direction for the following 12 months.

Our Objectives:
•Build connections and collaboration between people across the country who are passionate about improving ambulance services
•Share existing knowledge and good practice
•Build a commitment across our network to test out new ideas and share good practice
•Identify our next steps

The event will include:
•A key note address from Helen Bevan about translating the latest thinking on change and change agency to the frontline.
•A preview of the latest thoughts and theory in relation to spread and scale of innovation (potentially linking to a published white paper).
•An overview from the Q Community about national improvement (linking to AHSNs).
•A networking dinner in the evening (£39 incl. VAT)