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26 May 2021
12:30 – 14:00


The Q Primary care group are looking at how quality improvement can be used to support high quality low carbon asthma care. We plan to use a ‘thinking time’ format in this initial meeting to discuss how we can work collaboratively with subject matter experts in order to create user friendly QI resources that can support positive change and action in this area.

The plans will likely focus on two key areas: 1) how we tackle the overuse of short acting beta 2 agonist inhalers and 2) how we ensure that patients are switched from meter dose inhalers to dry powder inhalers, where appropriate.

Following on from this meeting we hope to bid for funding to put our plans into action – with this in mind we are looking for at least some of the attendees to be part of a working group that can flesh out a funding proposal and can commit to doing some follow-up work following on from this session.