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Q Exchange feedback webinar 2: How to build improvement capability and skills for improvement

This webinar was the second of a three-part series, designed to offer practical resources and feedback to Q members that applied for a Q Exchange award.

7 Nov 2019


This webinar was designed to give Q Exchange applicants a forum to connect and inspire each other to carry on working on their ideas. Listeners had a chance to learn about the seven key themes of feedback collated from the Q assessor panels that reviewed 117 Q Exchange applications in 2019. Listeners also had a chance to hear from other members who applied for Q Exchange about how they have developed their projects and share practical tips and tools on how to build quality improvement skills and capability for improvement.

Speakers included:

  • Steve Yarnold, Associate Director for Quality Improvement, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Jonathan West, Senior Nurse, Quality Improvement and Development, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Anna Burhouse, Director of Quality, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Zoe Brewster, Project Lead for Q Exchange

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Links and resources referred to in the webinar