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“Putting the man on the moon” – aligning everyone to strategy

The second webinar in our series on Quality Management Systems, exploring Quality Planning. How do we develop strategies and align our people towards them? Like the apochryphal cleaner at NASA, how do we support people to know, understand and engage in the organisation's mission?

8 Apr 2022
13:00 – 14:30


In the second of our series on Quality Management Systems explored the element of ‘Quality Planning’ as described in the Juran Trilogy. In this interactive session, we:

  • Learned about strategy deployment and how it is delivered in different ways across health and other industries
  • Considered and discussed the conditions (cultural, contextual, technical & relational) required to achieve effective strategic alignment
  • Applied this to our own organisational context and their role as leaders of improvement to create the conditions above.

We were joined by Dr Andy Heeps, Deputy Chief Executive and Managing Director of University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust, who shared insights into how his organisation aligns its efforts and staff towards ‘True Norths’ and the challenges and opportunities this brings.

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