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12 Feb 2019

Zoom call

Zoom call - online/phone (all welcome) *Midday*

Join an open discussion with others who are interested in Prof Mary Uhl-Bien’s approach to enabling change/innovation through an understanding of complexity, leadership, ‘Adaptive Spaces’ etc – and how this can help us to improve healthcare.

How can it help you ‘create network closure’ around your idea, enabling it to succeed?

This is a one-off informal reading group meeting – for people who have read about (even better, applied) Prof Uhl-Bien’s approach.

** To join us, please register (+ share your questions) to receive your personal log-in**:

Participants in this reading group include Esther Hall, Matthew Mezey and Prof Sofia Kjellström (Jönköping)… and you? (Nb Not Mary herself)

Articles to read include:
Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting from Human Capital to Social Capital‘ (People + Strategy, 2016) – open access. (Includes the role of Labs, Liberating Structures, Design Thinking, Positive Deviance etc in creating Adaptive Spaces).

If you have more time: ‘How to Catalyse Innovation in Your Organisation’ (Sloan Management Review, 2017 – open), co-authored with organisational network analysis pioneer Prof Rob Cross and others, highlights the three network roles that are key to catalysing emergent innovation.

Also recommended: ‘Complexity leadership: Enabling people and organizations for adaptability‘ appears in Organizational Dynamics (2017) – closed access.

Q’s Closing the Gap SIG held a great Zoom video session with Mary last year. View it here: (Mary’s presentation is 30 minutes).

A book about this approach (not by Mary):
Adaptive Space – how GM and other companies are positively disrupting themselves and transforming into agile organisations, by Michael Arena (2018)

This Zoom session is organised by the Q community’s special interest group: ‘Closing the gap: developing improvers for a complex world’: (open to all to join).