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P4I Community of Practice – Virtual Get Together (Replacing Face-to-face)

Come and join the first Q exchange Psychology 4 Improvement Community of Practice (COP) group! We aim to get to know eachother, share ideas and plan the next steps.

1 day event

Zoom weblink to be confirmed

The P4I team intend for this event to go ahead as planned. Please note – the developing COVID-19 response may result in the event being cancelled at short-notice. The P4I team will endeavour to inform all registered attendees as soon as possible in this eventuality*

You are cordially invited to the first get-together of the Psychology 4 Improvement (P4I) Community of Practice (COP). This meeting forms part of the Q Exchange Psychology 4 Improvement winning bid 2020 which is about building psychological and relational understanding amongst the improvement community to support more effective improvement work.
The inaugural P4I COP get-together is open to all who have an interest in this area, and both Q Community and non Q Community members are welcome to attend.

The P4I Q Exchange project will have two phases, a planning phase and a delivery phase. This meeting forms part of the planning phase and is the first of a series of P4I COPS meetings/virtual get-togethers that will seek wide input into P4I resources to be shared with the wider Q Community during the delivery phase.

However, this get-together is all about getting to know each other, sharing ideas as well as planning the next steps of this work…albeit alongside a bit of fun and reflection.

Something to think about before the get-together in April:
• What does psychology for improvement mean to you? – come prepared with your answer in a sentence
• Do you want to be part of a small steering group who will lead and action this work? If so, please let us know, even if you are unable to attend the initial P4I COP get-together we would love to hear from you.