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Melting Pot Lunch: Understanding health and care’s “new normal” post Covid-19

Join our online conversation with George Batchelor from Edge Health on health and care's "new normal". Bring your own lunch!

22 May 2020
12:30 – 14:00


While it has become trickier for us to sit down for lunch face to face, we are taking our traditional Melting Pot Lunch format into the digital age.

Join George Batchelor from Edge Health for our online Melting Pot Lunch. George will be kickstarting a discussion about what health and care’s “new normal” will look like post Covid-19.

Covid-19 has challenged the health and care system in unforeseen ways. Capacity has expanded rapidly, and teams have been realigned to new profiles of demand. Alliances and new ways of working, that previously took months to develop, have emerged overnight. Through realignment, the NHS has met Covid-19 demands. But this has come at a high cost, and it is unclear which changes will endure the test of time.

Edge Health helps healthcare organisations be more productive through better use of their data. Read more about George and Edge Health’s analysis and insights into Covid-19.

The discussion will take place online from 12:30-2pm (bring your own lunch).