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Learning from the Buurtzorg Model

The Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) and partners are pleased to invite you to an exciting masterclass to explore the Buurtzorg health and care model, and how we can learn from it to improve care across English health and care systems.

1 Mar 2017


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** 15 places at this masterclass have been reserved for Q members **

Developed in the Netherlands, Buurtzorg is an internationally-renowned system of care centred around district nursing teams, and has successfully delivered high quality, cost effective care to local populations.

This event is a unique opportunity for senior leaders to hear from the Buurtzorg team, including Chief Officer Jos de Blok, on how we can implement learning from this model to help meet the demands of a challenging financial climate and ageing populations.

This event will help delegates to:
• Learn more about the Buurtzorg model and how it has improved patient care
• Explore the opportunities, challenges and risks with implementing its principles within English health and social care
• Look at how these may work in practice for local health and social care teams

At the end of the event delegates will:
•Understand the successes of this unique district nursing model which has garnered international acclaim for being entirely nurse-led and cost effective
•Explore the relevance of the Buurtzorg model for an English context and the cultural change that will enable implementation in a challenging fiscal climate that is attempting to meet the needs of an ageing population
•Identify what the opportunities, challenges and risks may be to local implementation where you are seeking to lead improvement to flow though social and care systems.
•Identify what the next steps might be for local health and social care teams interested in learning from how the principles of the Buurtzorg model could work in your own practice

Who is this event aimed at?

This event is ideal for senior leaders and decision makers working across health and social care settings.

Registrations are welcome from members of :

• Q community
• Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA)
• Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)
• iNetwork
• Mersey Internal Audit Agency (MIAA)

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