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Green Surgery Conference 2021

This conference invites delegates to imagine surgical care being transformed to become more environmentally, socially and financially sustainable and showcases 5 surgical teams from the UK who have risen to the challenge of making this happen. All teams used a sustainable quality improvement approach and received mentoring through the Green Surgery Challenge 2021 initiative.

4 Nov 2021
12:00 – 14:30

HopIn platform

Join us for the Green Surgery Conference 2021!

– Hear from five surgical teams that are transforming surgery for the future, making their practice more environmentally, socially & economically sustainable!
– Join breakout sessions to scale and spread the challenge’s initiatives
– Gain valuable insights from a prestigous panel that includes the President of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Kadar Mate MD, the Vice President of the Royal College of Surgeons England, Tim Goodacre, and the Medical Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, Dr Frances Mortimer.
– Network with other members of the surgical community who are interested in sustainable surgical practice

The keynote address will be given by the presidents of both the Royal College of Surgeons England & Edinburgh, Professors Neil Mortensen and Mike Griffin who will give the keynote address, and the judging panel includes a world-leader in healthcare improvement, the

Here is some more information about the teams and their projects:

• Peter Labib, Bryony Ford and their team: Maximising reusable surgical instrument use, including laparoscopic ports, for a sustainable appendicectomy pathway at Derriford Hospital Trust.

• Aaron Quyn, Adam Peckham-Cooper and their team: Innovative, gasless appendicectomy procedure: lean instrument trays: reducing pre-operative urinary catheterisation: for a sustainable laparoscopic appendicectomy pathway at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

• Alyss Robinson, Shameen Jaunoo, Mansoor Khan and their team: Reducing blood testing in the pre-operative work-up for laparoscopic cholecystectomy at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust.

• Preetham Kodumuri, Prash Jesudason and their team: Reducing energy use by moving out of the operating theatre: streamlining surgical sets: reducing single-use instruments: for a sustainable carpal tunnel release pathway at Wrexham Maelor and Ysbyty Gwynedd.

• Jasmine Winter Beatty, Jonathan Gan and their team: Substituting local in place of general anesthesia for inguinal hernia repair and introducing reusable surgical gowns at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.