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5 Jul 2019



Join us at UCLPartners for a special Quality Forum event where we’ll learn about LEGO Serious Play and its use as a creative approach to team building and problem solving.

What is LEGO Serious Play?
A facilitated sharing technique that employs the innate creativity and imagination of attendees to explore the challenges they face in their working lives. With LEGO Serious Play (LSP) no external consultant is telling you where you are going wrong, instead the issues are solved by participants themselves through fun and thought-provoking LEGO model building tasks.

But isn’t it just messing about with LEGO bricks?
LSP may seem like just messing about with bricks but it has firm foundations in established theory: constructivism – we learn when our experience and ideas interact; and constructionism – we learn when physically making an object. Adults like children can learn through play and with LSP we can seize an opportunity to access a more creative and imaginative space.

What will the LEGO Serious Play workshop focus on?
LSP is a supremely flexible tool. The methodology can be used successfully and extensively for the purpose of:
• teambuilding and team away days
• creative thinking and innovation
• to set corporate objectives and goals
• to help organisations through change programmes
• or to explore specific topics such as communication, marketing and leadership

The workshop will begin with simple model building tasks to get you all comfortable playing with LEGO and with the idea of building with it metaphorically. Then the tasks start to focus in on a specific theme, problem or planning goal. The workshop sees participants moving from individual model building to a group model build, to which everyone represents contributes, that represents the challenges, solutions and opportunities they face.

Please note that although this event is free, a holding fee of £25 is taken and will be charged for non-attendance or for cancellations made less than seven days before the event without a valid reason. If you want to change your booking contact us