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Collaboration across primary and secondary care: Lessons from acute kidney injury

AKI offers a lens to improve patient safety for people with a range of conditions, particularly those taking multiple medicines and living with complex health and social care needs (i.e. multimorbidity). By focusing on AKI there are opportunities to improve: medication safety; safer transitions of care; and safety for vulnerable patients and their carers.

27 Feb 2018


Studio Meeting Rooms

I’d like to let the group know about an event I’m involved in, in February related to Improving AKI care. It’s a shared learning event to try to achieve a shared understanding of the barriers to effective on-going management of people who have had an illness complicated by an episode of acute kidney injury, and management of primary care AKI alerts following blood tests taken in the community. We will build on stories that have come from case notes reviews, and use some QI tools (process mapping and fishbone diagrams) to try to unpick the problem in the morning and then spend the afternoon hearing about interventions that have been tested out in various locations across the UK and build on these. The registration page is
Please register to come if you have an interest in the area; if not, please pass the information to anyone you know who may be interested in participating.

Event address 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP